How much time do you spend on food?

“In order to eat well we need to invest more time, effort and resources in providing for our sustenance … than most of us do today. … Americans spend less than 10 percent of their income on food; they also spend less than an hour a day preparing meals and little more than an hour enjoying them. For most people for most of history gathering and preparing food has been an occupation at the very heart of daily life.” – Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food

…and perhaps at the heart of a healthy life as well? 

the best lentil salad ever….

In the same year that my income has been close to the lowest it ever has in my adult life, I’ve also spent more evenings cooking, more of my time learning how to grow food, and a higher percentage of my earnings on quality, local products. I suppose this is one type of “work-life balance”.

Thanks to the My New Roots blog, we’re ready for dinner with ”The Best Lentil Salad Ever.” Even though I have more time to cook this year, you’ll notice we haven’t found the time to get measuring spoons!

How much time do you spend on food?

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